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A great Stretch for the whole back line, calf, hamstring, lower back, spine and shoulders! If done correctly.....
1. Feet shoulder width apart
2. Middle 2 toes pointing straight ahead
3. Aim to get back completely flat
4. Activate 3 x T zones
• Tilt pelvis as if hiding yr tail
• TA (transverse abdominal) or Belly Button pulled back to your spine
• Upper back T zone, straight line from shoulder blade to blade. Extend sternum forward to activate this area and seperate ribs as if you're growing taller!
(All 3 zones must stay on at all times)
5. Push away from wall without lift hands off
6. Keep arms along side ears
7. Head to stay in neutral line. Don't look up and don't tuck in chin too much

Awesome stretch to save time and hit so many points at once!

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5 days ago

Darren Robertson, Kate Matthison and 9 others like this

Mojo 365My hands are a little too high and there is a slight curve in the back still! Working on it! 😉5 days ago

Adrienne WilkinsHa ha ha if u feel it and Imagine it's in then 👍🏻👌🏻5 days ago

Heather TinklerWhat if your belly won't tuck in !!!5 days ago

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Fridays Hormones Chapter one! #mojo365 #coolumbeach #fitness #health #hormones #detox #modere

5 days ago

Ok D - Day is here!!! Run Program has started for those doing 10-21km Run on April 9th!

21km - must have started this week with a minimum of 3/Runs per week, you will not be on the program unless you are achieving this!

If 21 is a little too scary to commit too, then how about we try an easy 10km, remember you just have to cross the finish line on your feet!
PM for more info, link below is registration
#run #greatsouthrun #training #fitness #mojo365 #running #coolumbeach
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1 week ago

First Run, First Yoga, First Pilates, First Circuit, First Row of 2017 achieved!
Oh yeh right on track!
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2 weeks ago