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6 days ago

Are you creating your own problems?

Are you an adrenaline junky?
Or are you a stress pot?
Do you create constant activity ie work, exercise, run around for the family, constantly feeling responsible for being busy?

Are we meant to activate our adrenal glands constantly everyday, all day? 😳and secrete the hormone cortisol into our systems everyday?

Animals use the adrenal glands for survival, when necessary......then eat and rest the remainder of the time! You don't see a zebra with stomach ulcers worrying about other Zebras, or fatigued or full of pimples or hair loss or cranky all the time or depressed do you?

If you can't change your lifestyle for your own health, then you'd better supply yr poor body with supplements to help balance your body back to its healthy self! Don't be silly and think you can manage otherwise, you'll eventually crash and burn, don't be naive... you can't shift the weight with high levels of stress, you won't sleep better with high levels of stress, those pimples will just keep popping up as yr body responds to push out the toxins your putting in!

BE SMART and take responsibility for your own health! No doctor has the magic pill, the MAGIC comes from your education and knowledge on how your body works..... Simples!

Let's start with quality magnesium, D3 Plus
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Adrenal Glands Animation

1 week ago

Photos from Mojo 365's post
The Beginnings of fixing scapular winging, Kyohosis & shoulder rotations! All related to one another!
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2 weeks ago

Video screenshot

HAMSTRING re-tensioning with neutral spine and an activated TA
PLANK done properly.... no more 3minute planks anymore!
HUMAN ROTATION the core of all strength! Eliminating postural imbalances and the high risks of injuries!
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2 weeks ago