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Congratulations Mojo's I have to mention that yr efforts were awesome at this mornings. BIG HIIT class..
Hard Ass session it was!
3 Circuit Rounds of
20sec Hard 10sec Rest / 3mins RI circuits.
3 x Circuits comprised of!
Punching bag work upper and lower limbs, 6kg MB slams, hurdles, AB Squeeze knee tucks, push-ups, sliding, burpees. WHOA!
Finishing with some hydrating rolling ..... aaaaah! 😜
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2 hours ago

HIIT class confirmed! Tmrw in the Studio at 7:30! Bring your Bravery along too! :-) ... Read MoreRead Less

1 day ago

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Tammy BolchHi Adrienne, not sure if I will be there tomorrow morning. I have been on the roller trying to get rid of the sciatic pinching. If it is fine in the morning, I will check fb to see if the class is still on.20 hours ago

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Super September Push-up challenge!!! How r u going? What is yr goal, the reps? The technique or Both?

Focusing too much on the upper body.
The Fix: Sure, push-ups are known for strengthening the pecs, shoulders, and triceps, but they’re a total-body move. Pay attention to the glutes and legs, and keep ‘em tight! Tightening that tush can help keep the lower back from arching during the move. Instead of letting the bum flop down first (and compromising the lower back), hit the ground chest first, keeping the hips in the same plane as the shoulders. Imagine the belly button drawing in toward the spine to help keep the torso flat.
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3 days ago